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YouTube without ads on Tv Box

How to watch YouTube without ads on a smart tv android set-top box – we will tell in this article. YouTube video service is the largest video aggregator in the world. Many, quite rightly, consider this platform a full-fledged social network. Thanks to a billion-strong audience, hundreds of millions of videos have been posted on this network, on any topic. Naturally, Google, which owns YouTube, monetizes views by displaying ads. Ads happen before the video and during the show. Often there are too many of these ads and they are just annoying. But later in the article, you will learn how to watch YouTube without ads on Android Tv Box. Go!

YouTube Premium

Youtube premium version is a paid viewing option. By making a monthly payment, you can watch videos without ads before the video. Also, ads interrupting the video will be turned off. This option is suitable for those Tv Box owners who have a certified version of Android TV installed on a smart set-top box. This method is not recommended for other consoles. Since at any time the You Tube client installed on the tv box may stop working. Of the pluses, it is worth noting access to YouTubeMusic. Of the minuses – the lack of autoframe.

YouTube without ads – Third Party Programs

The obvious advantage of the Android operating system is the ability to install any programs that have already been developed by hundreds of thousands. Among these applications, there are those that make it possible to watch YouTube without ads without payments. That is free;). Below are the best of them, and you can download them from our website.


SmartTube Next is a program created specifically for the AndroidTV platform. But it also works on Android AOSP (pure full Android). Fully optimized for the control of a standard complete remote control. Supports airmouse, but not all features may work. The design is exactly the same as the official YouTubeTV. There is a function to enable autoframe if the set-top box supports it.

YouTube Vansed

This application also removes all ads when watching a video. YouTube Vanced is more “sharpened” for using a mouse or an air mouse. If your set-top box is controlled by a remote control without a cursor, it is better to install another application. A huge plus of YouTube Vansed is that it works on Android smartphones and tablets, like a regular client. Also, with a linked Google account, you can leave comments on the video.

NewPipe – YouTube without ads.

Another client for accessing the YouTube service, which removes all ads. The NewPipe interface is adapted both for a regular remote control and for a mouse cursor. Without being tied to Google accounts, you can create your own subscriptions, or upload them from regular You Tube. There is a function to work in the background and view picture in picture. It is possible to open video in a third-party player with autoframe support.

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