Vimu Media Player

Vimu Player

Vimu Player is a multifunctional player for Tv Box smart set-top boxes. Works great with both streaming video and local files. Support for autoframe and multi-channel audio, including audio forwarding to an external DAC. Vimu Media Player is the best player for watching heavy movies online from torrents. On set-top boxes with medium and higher processors, it can be the main one for HD Videobox and other applications. In the settings of the Torrserve application, it is advisable to specify this player as the main one for playing torrents online.

To download Vimu Media Player for Tv Box – click the button below:

vimu player

Benefits of Vimu Media Player

Vimu media player is one of the best players for smart Tv Box. Built-in support for various servers with movies and series. Correct playback of all modern video formats, including Lossles audio. This player supports embedded and external (SRT) subtitles, M3U playlists. Hardware decoding of 4k video files on appropriate set-top boxes.

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