tv box с голосовым поиском

Tv Box with voice control

A new stage in the evolution of Tv Box is a smart set-top box with voice control and search. Voice search is, in many cases, much more convenient than typing. Quickly finding a YouTube video or HD Videobox movie is much easier with just a voice request. Voice control speeds up and simplifies user interaction with Tv Box, and gives a new experience of communication with smart gadgets. If you wish, you can set up voice search on any Android Tv Box. Voice control can only be implemented on smart set-top boxes with the AndroidTV operating system.

Types of Tv Box with Voice Control

The range of different Tv Boxes on sale suggests a wide variety of such devices. If we consider them from the point of view of using voice commands, conditionally all Tv Boxes can be divided into 2 groups. The first group is set-top boxes on the Android TV operating system of different generations. This OS is sharpened specifically for voice control of the remote control. As a rule, the AndroidTv Tv Box comes with a Bluetooth remote control with a built-in microphone. Therefore, you do not need to buy or connect anything – everything works out of the box after the initial setup.

The second group of TV Boxes are set-top boxes based on standard “pure” Android. Initially, they do not have functionality for searching and managing commands by voice. Without various tricks, you can search in various applications using a remote control with a microphone, which will have to be purchased separately. In order to make voice command control, you must either reflash the set-top box to AndroidTV, or install the necessary modules. Not always these operations are on the shoulder of an ordinary user. This operation is easiest to do on the TOX1 model through Magisk.

Setting up voice search and control

If you purchased a Tv Box on the Android TV operating system, no additional settings are required. When you turn on the set-top box for the first time, connect the remote via Bluetooth and learn how voice control works. You can set search commands directly from the desktop. For example, the system will open the desired application, show the weather or find a movie in all installed applications at once.

Tv Box with voice control

In the case of set-top boxes on regular Android, of various versions, you must additionally purchase an air mouse with a microphone. The air mouse is connected to the set-top box using a small USB adapter, which is inserted into any free USB port. The second setting item is to make sure that the Google application is installed on the Tv Box. It is it that is responsible for speech recognition and converting voice commands into text. If this application is not in the list, install it from the Google Play or Aptoide application store.

Once installed, open any application that supports voice control, such as YouTube, Google Chrome, or HD Videobox. A microphone icon should appear in the search bar, which you need to click on with the air mouse cursor. A dialog box for recognizing speech commands will appear – speak any word or phrase into the remote control. If the system asks for permission to access the microphone, agree. If everything is done correctly, you will earn voice search in the most popular programs. You can also activate it with the microphone button on the remote, but the search results will only be in the Google app.

How to choose a Tv Box with voice control

Choosing a smart set-top box with voice search and control should follow the same rules as when choosing any Tv Box. The most important factor when choosing is the central processor. It is he who is responsible for most of the functionality of the device. The second important nuance when choosing a Tv box with voice control is the operating system. It is best to buy a Tv Box on Android TV OS. In set-top boxes of this type, full-fledged voice control and search are implemented. Well, the third factor is the amount of RAM and built-in memory. The higher this indicator, the faster and more stable the device will work. For a better understanding, read the article – how to choose a Tv Box.

Remote with microphone for Tv Box

The standard remote in AndroidTV boxes already has a built-in microphone. For set-top boxes on regular Android, it is advisable to purchase an air mouse that has a microphone. There is a wide range of such remotes on sale, and by and large they differ from each other only in the design of the buttons and the shape. Choose the most convenient for you, as you only need three buttons “Ok”, “Back” and “Home”.

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