Tv Box для старого телевизора

Tv Box for old TV

Buying a Tv Box for an old TV is a sound idea if you want to expand its functionality. Almost all modern TVs on sale have a built-in Smart TV, one or another system. Providers are also increasingly switching to broadcasting TV channels over the Internet. In order to take advantage of modern services that become available with the development of the Internet, it is enough to purchase an old Tv Box for a TV. The main difference of such a Tv Box is the ability to connect it to the tulips AV ports on the TV. Theoretically, any Tv Box can be connected to this port, but there are Smart Tv Box models that already have a built-in AV output, and it makes no sense to buy additional gadgets for connection. A little lower in the article we will try to tell everything we know about the TV box for old TVs.

How to choose a TV Box for an old TV.

It’s actually very simple. The smart set-top box must have an AV output, which is usually located on the rear panel. Most X96 series smart set-top boxes have this port. It is also available from Ugoos and Minix TV boxes, but it is not advisable to buy them for an old screen, since their price is much higher. If you want to purchase a TV box on the AndroidTV operating system, you should take a closer look at Mecool set-top boxes. Built-in voice search and management in them will greatly facilitate interaction with the device. The most important factor when choosing any Tv Box, including for an old TV, is a good CPU. It is better to choose a set-top box from models assembled on the mainstream Amlogic, with at least 2/16 gigabytes of memory. For example, X96 Max Plus 2/16 or something like that is perfect. It makes no sense to overpay for an expensive brand – the TV will not be able to display all the capabilities of an expensive set-top box.

How to connect a Tv Box to an old TV.

The complete set of all smart set-top boxes contains only one cable – HDMI. To connect the TV Box to a CRT TV, you also need to purchase a specific cable. This cable does not look quite standard. On one side, it has the classic three Tulip connectors, in different colors. On the other side, it has a connector called MiniJack 3.5. To connect the set-top box to the TV, insert the MiniJack connector into the AV socket on the set-top box until it stops or clicks lightly. Connect three tulips to the corresponding ports on your TV, according to the color. As a rule, the yellow port is responsible for video transmission, and the red and white ports are for the right and left audio channels. It happens that the colors do not match and you can safely rearrange the connectors in different connectors, this will not bring harm. After connecting, do not forget to switch the TV to the input to which the Tv Box is connected.

Tv Box for old TV

On sale you can also find various converters, or converters, HDMI to AV. You can connect the set-top box in this way if it does not have an AV output. And you shouldn’t buy it specially – the image quality will not improve from it.

Tv Box features for old TV

The built-in Android operating system or AndroidTV will allow you to get a wider selection of various digital content. By installing applications from the Google Play Market on the set-top box, you can watch TV channels, movies, series from the Internet. You can open various sites on the Internet and communicate on social networks or instant messengers. In fact, you will have an Android smartphone or tablet on the TV screen. The main services for which a Smart Tv Box is purchased are presented below:

YouTube is the largest video hosting in the world with millions of different videos. Subscribe to interesting channels, listen to music, watch any YouTube video on your TV screen!
Movies and series are always available online from various services! I wanted to revise an interesting movie, with any, a couple of clicks on the remote control and the movie is on. It makes no sense to wait for a new episode of the series on the TV channel if you can already watch it online!
TV channels – both from well-known providers, such as Megogo or Divan, as well as free IPTV of any country. Why pay greedy providers?

Naturally, it is difficult to list all the features of the Tv Box in one article, this is a universal device for many tasks. And even an old TV can be made SmartTv using such a gadget!

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