torrserve для tv box


Torrserve is a unique application for Tv Box smart set-top boxes. The purpose of this program is the ability to watch movies and TV shows online, directly from torrents. Watching movies online from torrents is much better than from sites. In most cases, movies and TV shows without embedded annoying ads. Image quality is much higher, including Bluray images and 4k HDR resolution. Links to torrents are automatically added from NUM or the paid version of HDVideobox. We also recommend installing the Kinotrend program – only new items, and only in excellent quality.

You can download Torrserve for Tv Box by clicking the button below:

torrserve apk download

Features Torrserve for Tv Box

Torrserve is a program for TV Box that sequentially pumps a torrent into RAM. After swapping the starting volume (set in the settings) – sends the stream to the player. Thus, there is no need to download the entire movie – you can watch it online, without downloading. In the application settings, you can select a player that will automatically play the movie.

Setting app

After downloading and installing, open the application and go to the “Update” tab. Then click – “install the latest version of the server” and wait for the download to finish. After that, go to settings – server settings to change some parameters:

Preload buffer size – change 20 to 40

Connections per torrent – change 20 to 25

DHT connection limit – 500 change to 0

Then you can go to the player settings and select the one you want. We recommend using Vimu Media Player or Kodi Media Center. Most movies and series in torrents have multi-channel audio tracks, so you need a player that will play them.

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