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Tentacle Locker

Tentacle Locker apk is an outrageously simple game. That’s what she captivates. If you are tired after a hard day and you just need to turn off your brain, download Tentacle Locker APK to your phone! The game plot is simplified as much as possible. While in the school corridor, you need to grab the schoolgirl with the tentacles. If you managed to catch her, the tentacles will pull the schoolgirl into the locker. And you will be rewarded with an interesting storyline. The students are afraid of opening lockers, so your dexterity will come in handy. You need to catch the student at the very moment of passing by a certain locker.

You can download the Tentacle Locker app from our website by clicking the button below:

Features of Tentacle Locker

  • Tentacle Locker is a game with the most simplified plot. You don’t have to think too much when playing it.
  • You need to rest your brain or kill some time – this is what you need!
  • Simple controls with a minimum of buttons and simple graphics. Does not take up much memory in the smartphone.
  • The game is absolutely free and without extra registration. Just download, install and enjoy.
  • The absence of annoying ads is another reason to try this app on your smartphone.

How to install the program on Android?

To install any application on Android, you need to download the apk installation file. To download tentaclelocker.apk, you can click on the button above on the page. After the file is downloaded, open it and click “install”. If the system asks permission to install programs from unknown sources – agree. This is a built-in Android security measure that works if you install an application from outside the Google Play Store. After a few seconds, the application will be installed, and a launch shortcut will appear on the main desktop.


Tentacle Locker is a simple game for having fun. Download and try the version for Android. Enjoy!

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