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Smart YouTube

Smart YouTube apk is an Android program that allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads. This application can completely replace the standard YouTube client on AndroidTV TVs. Also, this program is very popular for smart Android set-top boxes. For smartphones and tablets, it’s better to use YouTube Vanced. The interface of the program completely repeats the official client, but there are much more options in the settings. You can watch any video without annoying ads and premium accounts. Download and install Smart YouTube on your AndroidTV and get much more out of the usual service!

You can download Smart YouTube apk for Android TV and smart set-top boxes by clicking the button below:

Benefits of Smart YouTube

  • Smart YouTube is a completely free app to watch videos on Android TV Box
  • Fully customizable ads – you can turn off all or turn on individual formats.
  • Optimized download – works faster than the standard official application.
  • Support for full 4K video, including HDR.
  • Ability to enable autoframe on set-top boxes that support it.
  • Connecting your own account without installing additional modules.
  • Support for standard infrared remotes and Air Mouse.

How to install the program on Android?

APK files are used to install applications on Android devices. Download Smart YouTube to your device by clicking the button above. After the file is fully downloaded, open it by clicking on the notification on the screen. If there was no notification, open the file from the downloads folder. If, upon opening, the system asks for permission to install applications from unknown sources, agree. This is the standard protection of Android. Works if you install programs not from the Google Play Market. In a few seconds, the application will be installed on your device. For convenience, bring the shortcut to the desktop. In the future, you can link your Google account to the application by following the instructions on the screen. If a message about a new version of the program appears after installation, click update.


Smart Youtube apk is an excellent program for Android TV and smart set-top boxes. Once you try it, ordinary YouTube will become uninteresting to you. Good luck!

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