Smart Tube Next

Smart Tube Next

Smart Tube Next is an excellent client for accessing YouTube resources. It is fully capable of replacing the built-in You Tube on a smart set-top box, and at the same time it has its advantages. Smart Tube Next is lighter than the standard app, so it loads much faster. It is not tied to Google services and does not depend on access to PlayMarket. This application is the next development after SmartYouTubeTV, created by the same developer. Downloading and installing SmartTube Next on your smart Tv Box means getting a lot more out of your usual video hosting.

You can download SmartTube Next by clicking on the button below:

smart tube next

Smart Tube Next features

This program completely replaces the standard application, and there is absolutely no advertising! Supports autoframe and 4k UltraHD video. Support for multiple accounts, browsing history and voice search. Works great on set-top boxes with the AndroidTV operating system and pure Android.

Supports all major languages and can work on other android devices – smartphones and tablets. But for watching YouTube without ads on smartphones, it’s better to use YouTube Vanced. Smart TubeNext has various video and audio settings. The program can play video clips in the new AV1 codec if there is hardware support on the device. Disabling ads is implemented both with inserts from YouTube and built-in blocks from the authors.

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