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Setting up IPTV on Tv Box

The description below will describe the quick setting up IPTV on Tv Box. If you have purchased a Tv Box for use, setting up IPTV on the set-top box will be a logical step. Watching IPTV TV channels is available on absolutely any android smart set-top box, regardless of model. The only condition for watching IPTV TV channels is a good playlist. On the Internet you can find both paid and free playlists. The free playlist usually doesn’t last long. They need to be changed and updated periodically. Paid ones, on the contrary, work stably, with a minimum of unnecessary actions.

Iseetv.net is one of the highest quality services – for 1 US dollar per month you get more than 1000 TV channels. Works stably on any Android TV Box, as well as SmartTv and AppleTV. For $1 you get a playlist that can be used simultaneously on 2 Tv Boxes and 2 additional devices through the Stalker portal. The playlist from iseetv.net has Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh TV channels, which are conveniently divided into groups. There are also HD, FullHD and several 4k TV channels. So if you are looking for a good playlist for android smart set-top box – iseetv.net will be the best choice.

How to get a playlist?

Go to iseetv.net and register on the site. The easiest way to do this is from a computer or smartphone. After registration and confirmation via email, you can pay for the required number of months of use. All payments must be made from the iseetv.net personal account. We recommend that you deposit a small amount for the first time, 1-2 dollars, in order to test the service. After the money is credited to the account, in the “TARIFF” – “IPTV” section, enable activation and auto-renewal.

Setting up IPTV on Tv Box

After you have paid, you need to activate the playlist to download to Tv Box. This can be done in two ways: through a computer or directly through the Tv Box. It is better to use the second option, since the first is not always possible on the console. New versions of the Android operating system prohibit copying files from a flash drive to the internal memory of the set-top box. And the second way is easier. So: on the Tv Box, open any Internet browser and go to the iseetv.net website using your username and password. After that, in the “PLAYLIST” – “DOWNLOAD” section, press the “download” button))). After a couple of seconds, the file will be downloaded to the internal memory of the set-top box.

Setting up IPTV on Tv Box

Setting up IPTV TV channels on TV Box

In order to watch IPTV TV channels on a smart set-top box, the downloaded playlist must be opened in the IPTV application. There are many programs for this purpose, but the most suitable are Perfect Player and IPTV. You can download both of these programs in the Google Play Market or from our website. You can try opening the playlist in two programs and choose the one that is more convenient for you.

Perfect Player

Install Perfect Player on your console and launch it. Then open the menu Settings – General – Playlist. An additional window will open in which click the folder icon. If the set-top box asks for permission to access the memory, agree. After that, a window will open with the folders that are installed on the Tv Box. The playlist downloaded from the site is located in the Download folder. Open it and click on the playlist.m3u8 file. That’s it, the setup is over and you have TV channels available in the Perfect Player application.


To open TV channels on a smart set-top box through the IPTV player, you must take the following steps. Install the program from a flash drive or PlayMarket and run it. In the main window, the inscription “add Playlis” will appear – click on it. After clicking on the top right corner, select “file” and click it. The window for accessing the internal memory of the Tv Box will open. In the Download folder, specify the downloaded playlist.m3u8 file. Everything, the iptv setup on the Tv Box is finished. In the same way, you can use IPTV playlists from other providers, or try downloading free ones.

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