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Revanced Apk is the reincarnation of Youtube Vanced. Due to the fact that Google demanded to remove a third-party client to view YouTube. All custom playlists and settings from installed applications have also been removed. To further view YouTube without ads, you can install Revanced APK and use all its premium features. This application launches the standard YouTube client on the phone and turns off all ads in it. You just use the official app with built-in premium features. This new program will give you a lot of pleasant experience when watching various videos without being distracted by commercials.

You can download ReVanced for Android by clicking the button below:

How does ReVanced work on a smartphone?

For the application to work, it must be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Also, the MicroG application must be installed on the smartphone. To watch YouTube without ads, you launch ReVanced and enjoy videos without annoying ads. If you do not have MicroG installed – download and install also on your smartphone.

Benefits of ReVanced for Android:

  • ReVanced will allow you to watch any video without annoying ads.
  • View videos in a separate window on top of other applications.
  • Listen to music in the background even when the screen is off.
  • Simple and familiar control, as in the official application.

How to install an application on Android?

APK files are used to install utilities and user programs on Android. Download ReVanced.apk to your smartphone by clicking the button above on the page. The file will start downloading. After the download is complete, open the file by clicking on the notification on the screen. if there was no notification – find the file in the downloads folder and open it from there. If at startup the system asks for permission to install applications from unknown sources – confirm. This is the standard protection of Android. Fires when you install applications not from the Google Play Store. In a few seconds, the application will be ready to go. To launch, use the shortcut on the desktop. If at startup the program quickly collapses with an error, you need to install the MicroG service on your phone.


ReVanced apk is a new application that replicates the design and functionality of YouTubeVanced. If you want to continue to receive premium YouTube features – use this application. Good luck!

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