сброс к заводским настроек Tv Box

Reset Tv Box

A complete reset of the Tv Box settings is often a necessary measure. If your smart set-top box is buggy, does not load or freezes when turned on. Before you carry a smart Tv Box to a service center, try resetting it to factory settings. As practice shows, in ninety percent of cases. Resetting to factory settings solves software problems. One important nuance should be taken into account: a complete reset wipes all user information from the set-top box. All installed applications, accounts and saved files will be deleted from the Tv Box memory. If there is important data for you on the memory of the smart set-top box, it is better to save it on a flash drive or in the cloud first. Before resetting, it is advisable to disconnect data drives from the device – flash drives and hard drives. There are two ways to reset android smart set-top boxes to factory settings. The first is through the settings menu, the second is through the engineering menu of the set-top box.

Reset Tv Box settings through the menu

This method is suitable for those users whose smart set-top box normally loads and opens the settings. To bring the set-top box to the factory state, open the settings menu. As a rule, this item is indicated by a gear icon. Next, find the item “Reset” or “Reset” and click on it. Depending on the version of Android, this item may be in the main settings menu. Or located at the very bottom of the “Device Settings” sub-item. Also, in some models, it is hidden in the “Droid setting” or advanced settings. After clicking on this item, the system will once again ask about a complete reset – additional protection. Confirm the action and wait for the device to reboot completely without disconnecting it from the network. This process may take several minutes – be sure to wait for the device to finish booting. After the reset, the system will reset to zero and switch to English. Your next steps are the initial setup of the smart set-top box.

Reset via BOOT menu

Almost any model of smart set-top box has a BOOT menu. The exceptions are models from Zidoo, and some others. It may be necessary to reset the prefix to factory settings via the BOOT menu if it does not boot at all. Or goes into a cyclic reboot. In general, this option is suitable if you cannot enter the set-top box settings. In order to get into the BOOT menu of the set-top box, you need to perform some actions. To do this, find the hidden button on the body of the smart set-top box. It can be located below or be hidden somewhere on the side. As a rule, this button is hidden from accidental pressing. In Tv Box X96 models, it is located in the depth of the AV port. If your X96 set-top box is connected to the TV via the Tulips cable, you need to connect it to another TV via an HDMI cable.

To open the BOOT menu, turn off the power from the Tv Box. Clamp this hidden button with a paperclip or toothpick. While holding down the button, turn on the power of the smart set-top box. You need to hold the button pressed for 10-15 seconds, after power is applied, and then you can release it. If everything is done correctly, a menu will appear in English, on a black background. In this menu, you need to find the item “Wipe data factory reset” and click it. If an air mouse is connected, turn off the arrow and use the up and down keys. After clicking on this item, the prefix will reboot again in the BOOT menu. Then select and click Reboot Device. The TV Box will reboot to its normal state and will need to be configured.

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