NewPipe для Tv Box


NewPipe is a third party client for watching YouTube videos. This application is able to completely replace the standard YouTube on a smart set-top box. Fully adapted to the control of the complete remote control. It also supports computer mouse and air mouse control. The complete absence of any advertising is one of the advantages of using New Pipe on a smart set-top box.

You can download New-Pipe for Tv box by clicking the button below:


Advantages of NewPipe for set-top box

The complete absence of annoying ads from YouTube. This application supports working in the background as well as in a separate window on the screen. The ability to view videos with resolutions up to 4k UltraHD. You can also use it to listen to music, while the video is not downloaded – a significant savings in traffic. Supports full-fledged work without linking an account. The official website of the program is located at:

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