MX Player для TV Box

MX Player

MX Player is the most widespread and universal player for Tv Box. It is mainly used to watch streaming video (movies and series). It can also be the main player for watching IPTV TV channels. You can install MXplayer, in addition to Tv Box, on an Android smartphone or tablet. Management is possible both with buttons on the screen and with swipes. Sound and brightness can be adjusted with a single swipe of a finger on the screen, or with an air mouse in the Tv Box. We recommend installing HD Videobox as the main player in the program.

You can download MX Player for Tv Box from the link below – by clicking the button:

mx player

Benefits of MX Player for Tv Box

This player is easy and stable to use. Supports all modern video formats most commonly used on websites. Firstly, it actively uses the multi-core architecture of the central processor, due to which it quickly loads and decodes video. Secondly, it supports the most common subtitle files, and there is a separate setting for changing them. The player can read both streaming video from the Internet, and local, from flash drives or internal memory. Download MXPlayer for smart TV Box – it will be the right decision!

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