megogo для смарт приставки


Megogo for Tv Box is a program designed to work correctly on smart set-top boxes and Tv Box Android. The standard application from the Play Market is more suitable for use on smartphones and tablets. This version of Megogo for smart set-top boxes is optimized to control a standard remote control. Also, the Megogo application for Tv Box is controlled by any air mouse. The Megogo program is hundreds of TV channels and thousands of movies on your TV screen, which are available in one click. Install the official Megogo media player app and enjoy high quality content in one click.

You can download Megogo for smart TV Box by clicking on the button below:

megogo for tv box

You can also download this app from the Play Store. But you should take into account the Megogo version – it can only be for a phone and does not work correctly on a smart Tv Box. Also, any version of this program is poorly controlled by a standard remote control on a Tv Box with pure Android. If you choose a set-top box specifically for Megogo, it is better to buy a model with AndroidTV. For example, like Mecool KM6 – voice search and application control will be implemented.

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