lampa скачать для смарт приставки


Lampa is a program for watching movies and series from torrents online. Torrserve must be installed and configured for this application to work. A video player must also be installed – for example, Vimu Player. If the torrserver is already installed and configured, you don’t need to change anything – everything will work automatically. After installing Lampa on the console, you need to go to the program settings and enable the parser. This application partially repeats the functionality and appearance of Vplay, and can also work on Samsung and LG smart TVs through the installed Media Station X.

You can download Lampa for the console by clicking the button below:


Features of Lampa

Lamp is a lightweight and convenient program for searching and watching movies and TV shows. The program control is organized only with the help of the remote control, and the air mouse does not work in the program. This application has well-implemented filters and sorting of movies and series. Easy unobtrusive design and a lot of settings. It is possible to connect additional scripts. The program has only recently appeared, so there may be some flaws that will probably be eliminated in the future. If you like the design and functionality of this program, we also recommend downloading VoKino for smart set-top boxes

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