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IPTV Pro player

IPTV Pro is a media player for opening and viewing playlists on Android smart set-top boxes. The program supports any m3u and xspf format playlists. Watching IPTV channels starts with choosing the right app, and IPTV player is one of the best. Find any free playlists on the Internet, connect IPTV TV from your provider or Iseetv.net. Anyone can open IPTV Pro without any problems. And the additional features of the Pro version will make using the console even more comfortable!

You can download IPTV Pro Player by clicking the button below:

Features of IPTV Pro Player

To play IPTV television channels, you need to download the m3u file to the internal memory of the set-top box. Then specify this file in the player settings. In a second, the TV channels indicated in the file will be available for viewing. The peculiarity of the Pro version of the player is the absence of advertising, which is quite intrusive in the usual one. Also added the ability to enable auto-loading of the application when the set-top box is turned on. A convenient function if the set-top box will serve only for TV channels. IPTV Pro has another useful feature – the ability to download the last channel on the set-top box.

IPTV Pro is one of the best apps for watching playlists from the internet. you can also try another program from the same author – Hanime TV.

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