смотреть торренты онлайн на смарт приставке

How to watch torrents on a smart tv box

After reading the article, you will learn how easy it is to watch torrents on a smart set-top box online. Watching torrents online is possible on almost any modern Android Tv Box. The main requirement for the set-top box is a sufficiently powerful central processor and support for modern codecs. The speed of the Internet on a smart set-top box is also very important. A better picture and often occurring multi-channel sound require good hardware and software components of smart set-top boxes. Therefore, if you have a Tv Box from inexpensive models (X96 mini, etc.) – this method is not for you. Change the prefix to a more modern one. Models on Amlogic S905X2 and higher processors, or their analogues, are suitable.

The advantages of this method

The main advantage of watching torrents online is a better picture and sound. In torrent networks, there are even BluRay images of films weighing 40-60 gigabytes. In this case, you do not need to wait for the complete download of the movie to the media. We chose the desired release – and in a few seconds you can watch the torrent online! The second significant factor is the almost complete absence of embedded advertising in the video. Sometimes it happens, it happens, but not as massively as in online cinemas.


Torrents may be blocked at the level of your provider. It can be bypassed by using a VPN. Not always stable distribution, especially of old or unpopular films. Caution should be used abroad – they can issue a fine. This point should be clarified if you live in Europe or America.

Programs to watch torrents online

To watch movies or series from torrents online, you need to install several programs. First and foremost is Torrserve, which does all the basic work. Torrserve must be installed and configured on the smart set-top box. How to install programs on a smart set-top box can be found in this article. You should also read – How to set up Torrserve on a smart set-top box.

The second essential application for watching torrents online is a media player. As a rule, on a smart set-top box, several video players are installed. To open movies from torrents, it is better to use one that supports multi-channel audio processing. For example Vimu Media Player or Kodi. You can also try MX Player or VLC. I prefer the first two.)

The third torrenting app is like an online movie theater that pulls links to torrent links. There are many such applications and new ones appear frequently. The most famous is HD Videobox. This program allows you to watch movies from various sources, including torrents. Of these, Lampa and VoKino can also be noted. Applications that present content purely from torrents are Kinotrend and NUM. Kinotrend – only new items from the last 90 days, and only in good quality. NUM – new items in any quality, as well as various collections and search in several databases.

So: you need to install 3 applications – Torrserve, Vimu, NUM. After installation, configure Torrserve and enable the Vimu player in the settings.

Player selection in torrserv settings.

vybor player vimu

How to watch torrents on a smart tv box online.

After installing the three applications, and setting up the torrserver, open NUM. At the very top of the interface, you will see the new items that have appeared on torrents.

Click on any poster – the movie menu will open, with a description and three tabs.

How to watch torrents on a smart tv box

We need the “torrents” tab – click on it. After a few seconds, NUM will give you options for different versions of the movie. Click on any of them.

vybor torrenta

If everything is done correctly when setting up the torrserver, it will start uploading part of the video to the buffer.

How to watch torrents on a smart tv box

And after loading the buffer, the selected player will open and the movie will start. Everything is very simple. Enjoy!

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