Как смотреть фильмы на tv box онлайн бесплатно

How to Watch Movies on Tv Box

The first question after buying a smart set-top box is How to watch movies on Tv Box? Most users, first of all, plan to watch TV channels via the Internet. But after a while, having studied how the smart set-top box works, only TV ceases to interest them. In fact, the TV Box is more “sharpened” for watching movies and TV shows online. Dozens of different services and applications have been created for this purpose. Well, then in order.

Basic Ways to Watch Movies on Tv Box

There are three main ways to watch movies and series on a smart set-top box. Each of these methods has both its pros and cons.

Watching Movies on Tv Box via Browser

One of the most common, but not always working, is browsing through a browser. By analogy with an Android phone, they drove in the name in the search bar, or address bar. The browser, for example, let it be Chrome, gave the result – online cinema sites. Opened the first link and you can look. Yes, the easiest, and already familiar to many, way to access movies, but not always working. From sites through the browser is not always possible to watch. Due to a mismatch of the player installed on the site, or lack of processor power. There are many reasons, and it is impossible to say exactly why the movie does not open on the console, although it works fine on the phone.

Watch movies on Tv Box through apps

The second way is through online cinema applications that need to be installed on the set-top box. The most reliable and at the same time the easiest way to access movies on Tv Box. From the Google Play Market app store, you can install official legal online cinemas. For a monthly fee, you can access large online databases of movies and series. Tariffs are different for everyone, and not always democratic (. You can also install applications of unofficial online cinemas, which of course are not available in the Play Market. Such applications usually work for free, but with ads or some restrictions. But still this is one of the best Ways to Watch Movies on Tv Boxes Below are the best apps for watching movies on Tv Boxes.

Movies via torrents online

The third way is to watch movies and series online from torrents. This is the most promising access to content on Tv Box. First, about the main advantages. In online cinemas, to save space on the server, they upload compressed copies of films. Often the picture and sound quality leaves much to be desired. In torrents you can find both standard quality, and high and even ultra high quality – the maximum today. The second positive nuance is the absence of commercials sewn into the film. For additional income, the online cinema inserts a small video with an advertisement for 1Xbet or another similar lure. After a while, they get very bored. In movies posted on torrents, this is very rare.

The third plus of this scheme is several sound tracks in high quality films. The correct multi-channel track is half of all the emotions received during viewing. Of the minuses of this method, you need a powerful Tv Box, preferably with a built-in auto frame rate. As well as some knowledge during the initial setup. An article will be useful – how to watch torrents online on Android Tv Box.

Programs for watching movies on Tv Box

The list of programs and applications below is not exhaustive. This collection will not contain programs that can be installed from the Play Market – as they are popular only among SmartTV users. And if you already have a Tv Box, you will be much more interested in programs that you can download from our website and watch movies for free!

HD Videobox is the most popular program on all smart TV boxes. Such a combine that combines several online cinemas in a convenient interface. Also, through HD Videobox, you can watch torrents online by pre-configuring Torrserve. You can download this program on the page – HD Videobox for Tv Box.

Lazy Media Deluxe is another media combiner for movies and series. Also contains databases of the most popular online cinemas, as in the previous program. Somewhat awkward interface that takes some getting used to. You can download it here: Lazy Media Deluxe for smart set-top boxes.

Filmix UHD is a branded application from one of the most popular network cinemas. Simple and user-friendly interface, a lot of filters to select and search for the desired movie. Of the minuses – a maximum of 720p picture in the free version. Download Filmix on our website at the link: Filmix UHD for Tv box.

HD Rezka is one of the largest and oldest cinemas on the Internet, with the maximum selection of films and series. A simple and convenient program for searching and watching movies on Tv Box. You can download it from the link: Hdrezka app for Android

Kinotrend is an application for watching movies from torrents on Tv Box. Shows only new items that have appeared on the network in the last three months. And only in good and better quality. One of the most favorite applications of true moviegoers! Download the movie trend from our website at the link: Kinotrend

NUM is a program for searching and watching movies from torrents on Tv Box. Unlike the previous one, there are not only new items here, but also popular selections from official services for free. There is also a search for torrents, sorting by genre or actor, and much more. The application is actively developing – be sure to download: NUM for Android

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