установка программ на смарт приставку

How to install applications on a smart tv box.

Install applications on a smart tv box is an important point after buying a smart set-top box and initial setup. There are two main ways to install programs on a smart TV set-top box. The first of them is to use the Google Play Market app store. The second way is using APK installation files from a USB flash drive, or downloaded to the internal memory of the set-top box. You can also use the alternative app store – “Aptoide“, which also needs to be installed first using the APK file).

Installation from Play Store

To access applications and programs in the store, you must enter your Google account information in the settings of the set-top box. We recommend creating a new one, specifically for the smart set-top box, and not using an existing one. After linking an account to a smart TV set-top box, you can open the Play Market and install the necessary program. All actions are the same as on any Android smartphone. The only negative is that not all applications in the store are optimized for Android media players, and many popular ones are simply not there. If your smart set-top box runs on the AndroidTV operating system, which was created specifically for TVs, then the choice of applications in the store is very limited. In any case, it’s easier to download the program for smart set-top boxes from our website and install it even without a Google account.

Installing APK on a smart set-top box

To install applications on a smart tv box using APK files, you need to download them. If you use a computer to search for programs, you will also need a USB flash drive to transfer files. You can go the other way – download applications for smart set-top boxes directly to the internal memory of the device, and install from there. The easiest method is to visit our site through any Internet browser installed on your smart set-top box. And download the necessary installation files immediately to the memory of the smart set-top box. If you are using Google Chrome, permission may be required to access internal storage. We allow access. The second warning may be that the file is not safe for the device, also confirm your consent to download. After that, the download will begin and in a few seconds the apk file of the program will be on your smart set-top box.

Install applications on a smart tv box

In order to install the program from APK, you need to open the file manager, which is on any android set-top box. Go to the internal memory – to the “DOWNLOAD” folder. This folder contains all downloaded files from the Internet, including the desired application. The file required for installation will have some name with the apk extension at the end, for example “hdvideobox.apk”. To install the program, click on the required file with the remote control or the cursor of a computer mouse. After that, the system will offer the option “CANCEL / INSTALL” – choose to install. After a few seconds, the application will be already installed on the console and you can open it. If, after installation, a permission notice appears or an offer to upgrade to a new version, feel free to agree. All applications are updated periodically (not to be confused with updating the entire set-top box system). Preliminarily shows a proposal to install a new version.

Installation from a flash drive


This method is convenient in that you can download several applications to a USB flash drive and install them all. For this method, you need to download the necessary apk files, and copy them or transfer them to a USB flash drive. After inserting the USB flash drive into any USB port of the set-top box. And also open the content using the built-in file manager. Many models of smart TV set-top boxes have a special application – apkinstaller, which can replace the file manager. Further actions are similar to installing from internal memory. Only the folder with the installation apk will not be in the internal memory, but on the flash drive.

install applications on a smart tv box
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