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How to choose a Tv Box

How to Choose a Tv Box for your TV – only at first glance is simple. It is very difficult to stop at any model, among the abundance of proposals. The well-known Chinese aliexpress is simply littered with smart set-top boxes of various shapes and sizes. Domestic stores are not inferior to the Chinese, expanding their range more and more. A person who encounters this for the first time asks himself a completely logical question – how to choose a good Tv Box for a TV. In the article below, we will try to answer all your questions and perhaps reveal some secrets of choosing a TV box.

How to choose a Tv Box

Before making a purchase in the store, you should decide what you are buying a Tv Box for. The correct choice will depend on the answer to this question. So, the main ways to use the TV box are: watching TV channels via the Internet, watching movies, android games, youtube. You can also surf the sites on the Internet, communicate in social networks and instant messengers.

Tv Box for TV channels.

Your Internet provider transfers subscribers to digital broadcasting, but the TV does not support it? Any Tv Box will easily broadcast TV channels to a TV, the main thing is that there should be fast Internet. Often providers offer their devices – buy or rent. This is exactly the same TV box as in stores, only overpriced. You can easily recognize the model provided by the provider and buy the same one cheaper. For television, in principle, absolutely any smart set-top box is suitable, regardless of the hardware. It is desirable, of course, to choose a fresh processor and a new operating system – it will last longer.

How to choose a Tv Box for movies.

A smart TV box for movies requires a more careful approach to selection. In this case, the prefix must meet several criteria. Watching movies through a TV box is possible in several ways.

Through special applications from online cinemas.

To watch movies online through special applications, it is better to choose a TV box model with two gigabytes of RAM and 16 internal memory. This is a necessary minimum for the normal operation of online cinema programs. It is desirable that there be a built-in autoframe rate – for a smoother picture in large-scale scenes.

Watch movies online from torrents

To watch torrents online, you need to choose a set-top box with a CPU above the average price. It is desirable that there be as many cores as possible. In this case, multi-threaded work is important, so it’s better to buy a six or eight core set-top box. Autoframe would be very desirable – it’s silly to watch good quality movies with screen twitching.

Watch movies and series downloaded to the drive.

You can download a movie or series to an external drive and watch it through Tv Box. As a rule, high-quality movies are downloaded, which have a size of 10 gigabytes. For comfortable viewing of such a video file, connectors with a high data transfer rate are required. The set-top box must have several USB 3.0 ports. A SATA connector is required to connect a hard drive. Naturally, a player with autoframe, or the ability to turn it on. To output multi-channel audio HDMI port is not lower than standard 2.0 or SPDIF optical port.

TV box for watching YouTube

If you are a lover of videos from the YouTube service and do not waste time on TV channels and movies, choose a good TV box model, similar to the choice for online torrents. YouTube has quite a lot of different videos in 4k resolution and you need a decent device to process it. Autoframe is also desirable, and it is better to install a third-party application (Smart Tube Next, New Pipe) to view content.

How to choose a Tv Box for the Internet and games

If you plan to use the set-top box to fully replace your computer and smartphone, there are several important conditions. A smart TV set-top box must be equipped with a powerful processor and an increased amount of RAM and internal memory. Modern sites are very heavily loaded with graphics and various scripts, which affects the page loading speed. Games are also becoming more and more gluttonous. Install the application for Facebook or Instagram you can access these social networks. But these applications also take a big chunk out of performance. Therefore, the main criterion here is a powerful central processor and at least 4 gigabytes of RAM. It is also worth choosing a prefix on pure android, and not on AndroidTv.

Hardware specifications

Operating system

The vast majority of smart set-top boxes are based on various versions of the Android operating system. There are also models, in a small range, on Windows or Linux. But they are not very convenient to use and manage, so the android set-top box will be the best choice. There are also differences among Android versions. There is a tv box on a pure android, like in a phone, different versions. And also set-top boxes are produced on a more modern AndroidTV that support voice control. Briefly describe – AndrodTV set-top boxes are more convenient to manage. But pure Android set-top boxes are more versatile and support more apps.


The Central Processing Unit (SOC) in the Tv Box is the main component that determines the speed and stability of the device. In principle, the choice of Tv Box Android should start with the processor. A smart set-top box on a weak SOC will not handle heavy video files well, regardless of the amount of memory. And vice versa – a tv box with a powerful CPU works better, even with a truncated memory and weak WiFi. Therefore, it is better to immediately choose a smart set-top box on a good powerful processor. The main TV Box CPU manufacturers are Amlogic, RockChip, Allwiner and Realtek. Realtek-based set-top boxes process video and sound best of all. The second place in terms of price / quality is occupied by Amlogic processors. Allwiner are good SOCs, but they cannot be flashed in case of a system glitch. Smart set-top boxes on Rockchip are better to bypass, no matter how they are touted)


TV Boxes are equipped with two types of memory – permanent built-in, and operational. The first is necessary for installing the operating system and applications, as well as storing files. The second is used to launch the OS and programs. And it can also act as a buffer for some programs. Choosing a TV Box by the amount of memory is very simple. The higher this figure, the better. The minimum required for today is a combination of 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 built-in. This combination is more than enough to watch movies, TV channels and other videos, provided a normal processor. For example Amlogic S905X3 or Amlogic S905X4. Of course, it is better to purchase a smart set-top box with 4 gigabytes of RAM and built-in 32 or 64. But again, more attention should be paid to the processor.


When choosing a smart box, you should also pay attention to interfaces. How will you connect to the Internet? What additional gadgets do you plan to connect to the console? For which TV do you buy a smart set-top box? The answers to these questions will help you choose the best model.


Tv Box connects to the Internet, as a rule, in two ways. The first is a wired connection via an Ethernet connector. This method is the most optimal, since the connection speed will be maximum. And the signal stability is much better than through WiFi. It is better to immediately select a model with a gigabit Ethernet slot. The second way is WiFi. Convenience, no extra wires in the apartment. There are Tv Box models with both conventional 2.4 GHz WiFi and dual-band 2.4 / 5 GHz module. The second option, in theory, is able to give a higher connection speed, but at a shorter distance. If the router is located far from the set-top box, it is advisable to purchase a model with an external antenna.


As a rule, the Bluetooth module is rarely used in tandem with the set-top box. If there is a need to additionally connect wireless headphones or an additional gadget, check the availability of Bluetooth in a particular model. Not all smart TV boxes are equipped with it.

USB ports on the console

Used to connect flash drives, hard drives, air mice and other gadgets. Plans to download large heavy 4k videos – choose a modification from the USB 3.0 standard. They are usually marked in blue. If you want to organize a replacement for your home computer, choose a model with 3 or more USBs. Keyboard and mouse require separate ports.

Connecting to a TV

There are two main ways to connect a set-top box to a TV – HDMI or AV cable. For older models, choose a TV Box with AV output. Guided by these principles, you now know how to choose a good TV box.

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