Fork Player app для Tv Box

Fork Player

Fork Player is a once very popular application for watching various video content. The most concise interface, made in the form of an Internet browser, works on any smart set-top box. All links to movies and series are updated in real time. Forkplayer has one of the largest databases of movies and series. In fact, it is some kind of gasket between sites with movies and the device, completely removing annoying ads. Works even on the weakest android smart set-top boxes. Optimized for complete consoles and air mice.

You can download Fork Player apk from the button below:

Fork Player for tv box

Fork Player Features

aForkPlayer is a multifunctional application. Allows you to view not only movies and series, but also TV channels through IPTV playlists. The ability to create your own bookmarks will allow you to quickly access all the necessary resources. aFork player is absolutely free program. For full use, it is desirable to additionally install a media player on the console. Of those recommended for Forkplayer, it is best to use Vimu or MXplayer – they are the most omnivorous.

How to install ForkPlayer apk?

Download the APK installation file from our website to your android device. To do this, click the button above on the page. Once the file is fully downloaded, open it. The file can be found in the downloads folder of the device’s internal storage. If the system asks for permission to install programs from unknown sources, allow it. In a few seconds, the application will be installed on your Android device. A launch icon will appear on the desktop. Then customize the Fork Player for your needs by setting the appropriate widgets in the menu. Enjoy!

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