File Manager для смарт приставки

File Manager

File Manager is a program for Android TV and Tv Box that allows you to manage files. Most modern set-top boxes have a standard File Browser with reduced functionality. Copy a file from a USB flash drive to internal memory or vice versa – the built-in one does not allow. This application allows you to take full control of both local and network data. Delete, sort, copy files from external storage devices, NAS servers and cloud services.

File Manager apk is an essential application for any Android TV or Smart set-top box. It seemed that it was not always necessary, few people work with files on their device. But still, sometimes it is needed. For example, you can install a new application or the necessary utility through this File Manager. Or open a photo on your device and show it on the big screen. All this can be done with this program. At the same time, a convenient interface will allow you to manage all the files with a simple mouse or a conventional remote control.

You can download File Manager apk for Android TV by clicking the button below:

file manager

File Manager Features:

  • File Manager app uses a simple and intuitive interface. It is much more convenient than the built-in one, and gives you full control over the contents of your device’s memory!
  • Management is supported both on screens with a touchscreen, and on a standard remote control of a set-top box or an air mouse.
  • Support for the most common file types, including rar and zip archives.
  • Built-in protection against accidental file deletion. When deleting a file, it first moves to the trash. And then a complete removal, if you have not changed your mind.
  • Absolutely safe and legal application, which is also presented in the Google Play Store.

How to install the app?

First of all, download the apk installation file to your Android device. To download, click the button above and the apk file will start saving. After the download is complete, open the file by clicking on the notification on the screen. If the system asks for permission to install from unknown sources, allow it. This is a standard Android protection feature that works if you install an application not from the play store. After a couple of seconds, the File Manager will be installed on your device, and a launch shortcut will appear on the main desktop.


The File Manager application is much more convenient and understandable for most users than the built-in one. Try to install this program and check its versatility. Enjoy!

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