File Manager для смарт приставки

File Manager

File Manager is a program for smart set-top box and Tv Box that allows you to manage files. Most modern set-top boxes have a standard File Browser with reduced functionality. Copy a file from a USB flash drive to internal memory or vice versa – the built-in one does not allow. This application allows you to take full control of both local and network data. Delete, sort, copy files from external storage devices, NAS servers and cloud services.

You can download FileManager for smart set-top box by clicking the button below:

file manager

File Manager Features

Intuitive interface for full control over your data on the smart set-top box. Fully customizable with standard remotes, air mice and Bluetooth controls. Support for most common media files, as well as zip and rar archives. There is protection against accidental deletion of the desired document – first it is moved to the trash. A completely legal application that can also be found in the Google Play Market.

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