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BitChute app is an Android application for accessing the resources of the platform of the same name. The main goal of this project is to give freedom of expression to all users. This service puts creative creators first. If you know how to create great video content, this is a great place to show it to the whole world. Also, BitChute is more loyal to all the ideas and thoughts of people, unlike the politicized YouTube. Here you can find much more materials from various experts and see diametrically different opinions on various issues. Any content is allowed as long as it complies with the program rules. And the rules are very lenient.

You can download BitChute apk for Android by clicking the button below:

BitChute Core Rules

  • BitChute does not allow the publication of materials that contain scenes of severe violence against people.
  • Also, materials containing bullying or torture of animals are not allowed to be published.
  • Harassment and harassment of any person, or disclosure of his personal data.

There are a few more rules you must follow. Otherwise, this service is much more loyal to users. Freedom of expression is one of the main advantages of this world. Follow simple rules and the whole world can know about you. A complete list of rules can be found on the official website of the service.

How to install an application on Android?

To install programs on the Android operating system, installation APK files are used. Download BitChute apk to your android device by clicking the button above on the page. After the file is fully downloaded, you need to open it by clicking on the notification on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. If there was no notification, open the file from the internal memory of the device. If, upon opening, the system asks permission to install programs from unknown sources, agree. After a few seconds, the application will be installed. To launch, use the shortcut that appears on the main desktop.


The BitChute app is a great opportunity to access a fast growing service on your smartphone. Much more convenient than in a browser. Good luck!

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