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Bato .to

Bato .to apk is a simple but essential app for comic book lovers, created by fans specifically for sharing popular questions. The platform makes it easy to share content as long as you are friendly and follow the community guidelines. Also, this application provides access to download any section of the manga on the portal.

You can download apk from our website by clicking the “download” button:

Bato .to features

This application does not offer the option to download comics to your device. The platform offers the option of sharing comic book scans among manga fans. The website of the Scanlation Group, which works on comics, is a good place to start. You will usually find a link to the group page. You can also visit the publisher’s website to see if a digital copy is available in your region.

Bato. to is a platform where any comic fan can upload content for other comic fans. “Content” includes both scans and genuine comics. Batoto Scan, on the other hand, is a scanning group (like any other) that translates raw/original content into English and shares it with fellow comic book fans.

Simply put, is a website and Batoto Scan is a group of people who scan the name of a website with their own name.

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