Autoframerate, sometimes abbreviated as AFR, is the automatic adjustment of the frequency of the TV screen to the frequency of the video being played. If the screen refresh rate matches the movie or video, the image, especially in landscape and dynamic scenes, will be smoother. If this frequency does not match, twitches or a “stepped” image may appear when the camera moves. Auto Frame Rate matches the screen refresh to the frame rate of the video, switching the TV automatically.

Video frame rate

Most TV channels in Europe are broadcast at 25 or 50 frames per second. In the USA, the standard system is adopted – 30 or 60 frames per second for television. Most modern TVs are available with a choice of screen refresh rates – 50 or 60 Hertz, which is in line with global television standards. But there is a slight discrepancy with the films that are made for cinema. The standard screen refresh rate is 24 frames per second. There are also movies shot at 23.97 frames per second. When broadcasting movies through a TV channel, the provider uses various algorithms to smooth the picture and match frames. If you watch a movie from the Internet via Tv Box, the video is displayed on the TV screen with the original frame rate. So this is the picture:

Scatter 24 fps at 60 fps – Refreshes the TV screen.


It turns out that one original frame of the film is shown either 2 times or 3 times. This results in twitching in the image in large scenes. There is no smoothness and continuity of the picture as a whole.

How autoframerate works

When you open any video – a movie, TV channel or video on YouTube, Tv Box understands how often the playback will be. Auto Frame Rate will automatically switch the TV screen according to the video file. When you open a movie or TV channel, the TV will turn dark for a second – and then the movie or channel will start at the original frequency. Of course, you can manually rearrange the screen updates each time with the TV remote control. But it’s much easier to do it yourself Tv Box, without any extra effort.

Tv Box with autoframerate.

A huge mass of various Tv Boxes are sold in online stores and Chinese sites. Not all models have a built-in autoframe. When choosing a Tv Box, this parameter should be taken into account, since the built-in AFR works much better than the one installed using various firmware modules. This feature is best implemented in smart set-top boxes from Ugoos. AFR works in any application, supports integer and fractional frequencies, and can be enabled for individual applications.

Media players from Zidoo also have an excellent autoframe rate. But it only works in the built-in system player. Watching movies is a great option. But with TV channels and YouTube will not work. HiMedia media players have built-in AFR, but their models are outdated. Inexpensive and reliable Tv Box with autoframe – TOX1. The best combination of price and quality in 2021. You can also install the AFRD module on set-top boxes with an Amlogic CPU, but this method does not always work. The presence of a system autoframe is especially important when viewing online torrents through Kinotrend or NUM

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