Аптоид магазин для смарт приставки


The Aptoide app store is a healthy alternative to the Google Play Market. Installed on any smart Tv Box and allows you to access thousands of different programs for smart set-top boxes. Aptoid is the second most popular software directory in the world for Android devices. The number of active users of this store has reached 150 million and continues to grow. By installing this application, you will get more control options and access to thousands of programs and games for smart set-top boxes, in one click.

You can download the aptoide from our website by clicking the button below:


Benefits of Aptoide for Tv Box

  • Aptoide apk is installed on any Android TV Box if the operating system version is 4.2 or higher.
  • A much wider selection of applications and programs for Android smart set-top boxes. There are even those programs that are not in the official app stores.
  • Aptoid works without being tied to a Google account or annoying registration. Just install and use.
  • The store presents several different versions of the same application at once. One version did not fit – download and try another.
  • With Aptoide, you can update installed applications to newer versions if Google Play Store is not available.

How to install this app store?

Aptoide installs like any other Android app. First of all, download the apk installation file to your android device. After downloading the file, open it. The app store will begin to install on the device. If during installation the system asks for permission to install from unknown sources – allow it. This is a standard protection feature that works when you install applications not from the Google play store. After a couple of seconds, the program will be installed and you can use it by clicking on the shortcut.


Aptoide apk is a great replacement for the built-in app store. And it is also suitable for those Android devices that do not have their own software store. Download and install this program and get much more out of your device! Enjoy!

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