AFRd для андроид тв приставки


AFRd is a utility for switching the frequency of the TV screen. For a smoother picture, without artifacts, it is desirable that the refresh rate of the TV screen coincide with the frame rate in the video. Full match can be achieved by switching the resolution and frequency in the settings of the set-top box. You will have to do this before launching any video if quality is important to you. Some consoles have a built-in function to automatically switch the screen refresh rate. It’s called “Autoframerate“. But most Tv Boxes don’t have this setting. The AFRd program will help you fix this problem if your TV Box meets several criteria.

You can download AFRd for Tv Box by clicking the button below:

AFRd Features for Android TV Box

Works only on smart set-top boxes built on the basis of the Amlogic central processor. Root rights on the device are required for the installation and correct operation of the application. How to get them – check the relevant forums. Operation is not always guaranteed, even if all necessary conditions are met. After installation, no additional settings are required – just turn it on, and the rest will be done by the program itself. To check, after installation, run any video on the console. If the program worked, the TV screen will turn off for a couple of seconds. Then it will turn on with a different frequency, perhaps even show with which one.

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